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And the winner is…’s #WomenInFiction #MarchMadness

Our Women in Fiction March Madness comes to an end! We struggled and fought and argued and pleaded, but in the end there could be only one character crowned our…’s #WomenInFiction #MarchMadness – Round Six!

The final clash between our top two fighters in our March Madness: Women in Fiction competition is going on right now! Fans that listen to and subscribe to our podcast today get…

The many tactile experiences of Toy Fair.

Touch is one of the five senses that bombards our lives every day along with sound, sight, taste  and smell. While we often take these senses for granted in our…’s #WomenInFiction #MarchMadness – Round Five!

With just four fighters remaining in our Women in Fiction March Madness competition, things are coming to a head! This round’s winners will go on to fight for the championship! Fans…’s #WomenInFiction #MarchMadness – Round Four!

Our Women in Fiction March Madness competition is down to our top eight competitors – deciding the champions of each bracket! Who will come out on top? Fans that listen to…’s #WomenInFiction #MarchMadness – Round Three!

With just two battles left in each region, our Women in Fiction March Madness competition is heating up! Listen in to find out about all the fiery close calls. Fans that…

2 Things We’d Like to See in Netflix’s Iron Fist

Well folks, today’s the day that Netflix releases Iron Fist, the latest in a line of hugely popular Marvel Comics based shows. But unlike Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage…’s #WomenInFiction #MarchMadness – Round Two!

Our Women in Fiction March Madness competition rages on two our second round! Listen in as we explore the brutal results of our first round; the split decisions, the utter…’s #WomenInFiction #MarchMadness – Round One is Here!

The long wait is finally over! The exciting seeding round for our Women in Fiction March Madness competition has closed, and we have our 64 contestants! Listen in as the…

Darin Patterson talks about Black Geek Characters!

Comedian Darin Patterson primes us on several influential characters you should brush up on this Black History Month, including a look at an influential 80s flick that may have inspired…