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NonPro TV Party: Agents of Shield 4.2 “Meet the New Boss”

Watch as we discuss what worked and what didn’t work with this episode of the show, including our new Director (good!) and some strangely Doctor Whovian villains (bad!) – Also,…

NonPro TV Party: Agents of Shield 4.1 “The Ghost”

We’re back for Season 4! Watch us awkwardly geek out about Ghost Rider, the Director, and whether or not now is a good time to get back into Agents of…

NonPro’s Hot Dog Crawl!

Here it is, the (mostly) chronological documentation of our highly anticipated “NonPro Eats” hot dog tour of Clifton, NJ (and its environs). Stops included: Rutt’s Hut, The Hot Grill, Libby’s…

Remembering Gene Wilder

Join us as we remember Gene Wilder with a look back on personal stories, his craft, and his impact on film.


The crew from NonPro takes us on a tour of the wonderful foods you can only find at the Jersey Shore, and crowns one shore food in particular as the… explores “Stranger Things”

Listen to us delve deep into the Netflix phenomenon Stranger Things, as we analyze how more than mere nostalgia makes this series so compelling to so many people. Featuring geeky…

This Week in Geek: SDCC 2016!

THIS WEEK IN GEEK: our San Diego Comic Con recap!

Pokemon Podcast GO!

Poképodcast? Pokécast? Whatever we’re calling it – the gang from NonPro are here to talk about how the game works, hidden features, cultural impact, and wish lists are exotic as…

A Guide to Pokemon Go!

So, this is happening. Care for an official! Pokémon Go review series? Comment if you have questions or excited ramblings! — Wednesday, July 6th 2016 7:15pm Meowth is loafing…

This Week in Geek – June 15th 2016

THIS WEEK IN GEEK: Broadway, Warcraft, E3, Netflix shows (including new Voltron!), and more!